Thin Places, Sacred Spaces

  • A Salvadoran girl breaking off pieces of her Laffy Taffy to share with us when we visited her home, eager to connect with us
  • An American high school student pulling items out of a shopping bag one by one to share with a Salvadoran family, naming each item in simple Spanish
  • Late night conversations with the young people who accompanied me, discussing faith, scripture, and why encounters like ours mattered
  • Students (American and Salvadoran) wading hand-in-hand into the ocean, strangers to one another just an hour before, brought together by the simple act of burying one another in the sand
  • The celebration of the birthday of a young man named Daniel, eating cake on his birthday for the very first time and then demanding all the American students dance with him
  • A mother matter of factly sharing how she travels 4 or more hours a day to work in the city, making money so that her children can attend college, her love and pride humbly present
  • Our translators working tirelessly to make every person they encountered feel valued, loved, and heard, American and Salvadoran alike
  • The dance party on the last night where students dropped their inhibitions and gathered in sweaty joy with one another
  • Unexpected friendships and encounters with people who reminded me of who I am and what I believe in



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Erin Conway

Erin Conway

teacher. reader. writer. aspiring theologian. advocate for justice. doing my best to live each day AMDG.